From 2006 to 2008 Jozsef did a Master in Applied & Environmental Geosciences (AEG) at the University of Tübingen (Germany) with Hydrogeology, Geochemistry and Numerical Modelling as major topics. Groundwater flow and heat transport modelling were of particular interest to him.

During the master programm he worked as scientific assistant at the geophysics and hydrogeothermics working groups being co-founder of the latter one together with Dr. Philipp Blum, Dr. Peter Bayer, Nelson Molina Giraldo and Stefanie Hähnlein.

Thesis: Implementation and evaluation of the solute transport code MT3DMS for groundwater heat transport modelling.

From 1997 to 2005 he studied geophysical engineering at the Universidad Central de Venezuela. He had particular interest for data acquistion and seismology. During 4 semesters, Jozsef was teaching assistant of seismology working together with Dr. Michael Schmitz and Prof. Marcos Figueroa.

Beside his academic life, Jozsef was politically active being one year head of the Claims Secretary at the Faculty´s basic school.

Thesis: Caracterización geofísica mediante estudios de ruido sísmico ambiental y gravimétricos del Municipio Zamora (Guatire), Estado Miranda.

Inmediatelly after  finishing his master, Jozsef got a grant (IPSWaT) for doing a PhD at Tübingen. He continued in the area of shallow geothermal energy and focused on analytical modelling and optimization of Ground Source Heat Pump systems taken into account environmental issues.

During his investigation, he had the opportunity to work very close together with other PhD students from the Computer Sciences Department, Michael de Paly and Markus Beck, establishing a new working group within this department. He finished his PhD on June 2012.

Thesis: Optimization of Shallow Closed-loop Geothermal Systems.

From April 2012 until August 2013, he worked as modeller at the spin-off TIMGEO GmbH. The company was founded as part of the ZAG at the University of Tübingen.

Jozsef was coordinator of national and international projects related to contaminated site characterization and dewatering of open mine pits. Among his activities, he was in charge of evaluation and processing of hydrogeological data, confection of conceptional and numerical models and development of post-processing tools for the data interpretation.

Since 2014 Jozsef works within the fascinating world of tunneling. He joined the Unit of Geophysics at Amberg Technologies AG. Amberg Technologies offers cutting edge technologies and solutions in the areas of Tunneling and Rail.

He performs as application engineer of the high-end system Tunnel seismic predictor TSP. This unique technology, with more than 20 years of development, allows 3D geological predictions ahead of the tunnel face during tunneling activities. The TSP system is currently used in several countries around the world. Since 2017 Jozsef is Regional Manager of the Undergroud Unit (Tunnel Surveying & Tunnel Seismics).